Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bhuvangiri Hill.

The adventure by Hyderabad Adventure club is on roll. To start, for the month of May, bhuvangiri hills, which is 30 kms away from hyderabad, was picked as the destination to trek. The break-up follows:

0615 hrs: We started in the morning of May 1. An early morning drive with the orange ball of fire rising in front of us across the highway. The morning road were deserted and it helped our organizer to achieve a good speed on the highway adding to the fun of drive. you know, crazy speed enthusiasts and the air hitting the face is something that i cherish always during a drive.

0700 hrs: We reached our destination. As none of them had their breakfast, we decided to treat our biological pouch with light food and the first things that comes to mind, righto, idli sambhar.
Had a good amount and left the place to start our hill climb.

0730 hrs: By the looks of the hills, it looked pretty steep. Good for a quick up-n-down. We had to close it before it got too hot. Hyderabad heat does not require any discussion here. The hills can be trekked in two ways: One, trek over the rocky surface. Two, catch the steps. However, people opting for the former need to be extra careful as the a foot slip can prove very fateful. The fort area begins after a good amount of climbing. When we reached the top, there were monkeys to greet us. We strolled around and looked at the area surrounding the fort which appeared green at certain areas and bald at the rest. Few monkeys, were however, ready to attack us, maybe in response to our invasion into their territory. We spent minutes at the top and then it was time to descend. It was getting hot.

0930 hrs: All of us were back to the foot of the hills.

All in all, an easy climb for used-to-trekkers and moderate for people who have never done trekking.

See you again, readers. Hopefully, you would join us in our next excursion.