Monday, May 28, 2012

GHAC Founding day celebrated.

GHACians celebrated the 4th Founding day yesterday on 27th May. GHAC
has come a long way creating experiences, impacting lives and forging
bonds. When I look back at the journey of growth, the journey of ups
and downs, the exciting and happy times.  It makes me nostalgic and
invokes in me emotions and feelings, Its bring the memories of the
very day I believed in the concept of an adventure club, the journey
thereafter and all the initial support received from friends and

Its just not enough to have an Idea but important to motivate and
influence significant others to join and support the idea and execute
it . Leadership is all about influencing people and making them
leaders, thereby leaders creating leaders. This is what we do at GHAC
on a constant basis.

I would like to remember and thank all those family and friends who
believed in the idea and stood by me in the initial days. I would also
like to thank all the following members of the first ever GHAC
Executive Committee formed in September 2009  consisting of Dr. A.V.S
Prasad , Ali Razvi, Rajan Patel, Padmaja, Javed, Shishir, Ranga,
Manisha, and Vibha.  I have also been supported by members of the
first organizing committee consisting of Arun Raj, Deepam Morporia,
Jayanta Mondal, Sreenath and significant others in the journey. All
their support and suggestion made the foundation for a strong growth
of GHAC.

I would also like to thank all the following persons for starting a
new initiatives and all the hard work involved to sustain it and also
train others in the activities.

Rappelling - Deepam Morporia
Bird Watching - Arun Vasavireddy
Bouldering - Ranga
Wilderness Survival - Rajeev Sharma
Caving, Slack Lining - Aleem Quadri
Australian Rappelling - Melville Irwin

My Sincere thanks to the Current Volunteers who are driving the club
with much enthusiasm and commitment. The list is too long to list
here. Check out all our leaders at and there are many more in
training who will join the list soon.

My Thanks to all the GHAC members for the committed participation and
trust in GHAC. It's because of your participation that we grow day by
day. We are doing more to get you more adventure events and to make
sure the waiting lists come down.

GHAC is all about changing lives, Making a difference to many and
getting people out of their comfort zones. Furthermore let us look to
the future about what GHAC can be and how we all together drive it to
the next level. It's the strength of knowing our past that will help
us succeed in future as well.

Every Team member at GHAC is a Leader with a strong purpose, passion
and commitment towards the mission and vision of GHAC. Good Team Work
and a Team Leadership Model where everyone is equal is our strength.
Whenever required some leaders take charge and are wholeheartedly
supported by the rest and its this very leadership model that has
brought us here and will also take us to the next levels.

As the largest and most active adventure club we also have to make
sure we cater to all levels and not end up being a club of a select
few. Hence it's important to have activities at all levels and
motivate people to take up more challenges and grow along with the

As we grow together there will be need of more volunteers along with
full time resources in future and it's high time that some of you can
seriously look towards getting trained and certified and take up
adventure as a full time career with GHAC.

Our Vision remains to Reach out to a 1,00,000 participants in the next
few years.

Our Milestones are

Short Term
200 volunteers
5 full time employees
Better Office
Our Own Climbing Wall
Vehicle for Logistics
Jeeps - 1
Tempo Traveler -1
State of the art equipment for rock climbing, mountaineering etc.

Long Term
500 volunteers
50 Full time Employees
Buses - 4
Jeeps - 4
Tempo Traveler -4
Bigger Office
Land for adventure zone - 50 Acres at few select locations
State of the art equipment for all adventure activities.

Lets Work Together to achieve our vision and milestones.


Founder and Chief Organiser

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Founding Day Message

GHAC was founded on the 27th May 2008 with a primary cause of bringing
adventure, outdoor and nature activities to the citizens of the twin
cities. We are celebrating our founding day from 11 am onwards on
Sunday 27th May 2012, at Prasad's Preview Theatre and I invite you to
attend it with friends and family. Please RSVP for the event on at

We will also unfold some exciting future plans and activities of GHAC
at the celebrations. We also have scheduled quite a number of
adventure events this weekend to mark the Founding Day occasion. GHAC
has come a long way till here and we still have a long way to go, many
milestones to achieve and goals to reach in order to make Hyderabad
the most active adventure city in India.

GHAC today stands tall with close to 8000 members, 1300 activities,
100 outdoor leaders and growing strong day by day. This was made
possible because of the immense enthusiasm and total commitment of all
our volunteers.

Behind the conduct of numerous adventure events, is a strong ideology
of sharing a passion and going that extra mile in doing it. A high
sense of dedication and perseverance by all the GHAC Leaders in
reaching out to as many members as possible is making it possible in
making Hyderabad an adventurous city.

GHAC through its numerous activities enables people to get out of
their comfort zones and become fit and stay healthy. It lets people
overcome their fears and grow confident in their abilities. It
inculcates a spirit of adventure and sense of discipline. It also
teaches us to care for our environment and increases ones social
circle by bringing like minded people together.

On behalf of the GHAC Organizing Committee, I thank all our members
for their participation in the club's activities and making GHAC the
most active and numero uno Adventure Club in the country. Please share
the passion and enthusiasm with your friends and family and bring them
along to our adventure meetups.

GHAC Members are welcome to volunteer, get trained and contribute to
the mission and vision of GHAC. Please get in touch with any of the
organizers to know more about volunteering for GHAC.

Let us together Change Lives


Diyanat Ali
Founder and Chief Organiser