Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Second GHAC Glimpses of Nature Exhibition

GHAC Nature is happy to announce the Second annual Photo Exhibition 

THIS IS A CALL FOR this exhibition

We are looking at pictures of Nature in and around the Deccan Plateau, Nilgiris and Western Ghats that showcase the diversity, colors, beauty, struggle and resilience of nature."Glimpses of Nature"
You can check the pictures exhibited last time here:   First Glimpses of Nature
What kind of pictures we are looking for ?
You can submit pictures of
·  Birds
·  Animals
·  Insects
·  Trees
·  Flowers
·  Rocks
·  Lakes
·  Sunrise/Sunset
Preference will be given to pictures taken around cities as we want to showcase nature around Hyderabad.
What kinds of pictures are not acceptable:
Pictures of captive animals like in cages, zoo, and pets will not be accepted.
Checklist before submitting pictures
·  The picture you are submitting is your own work 
·  The pictures is minimum 3500 px wide on the long edge with 250-300 dpi
·  There is no watermark/copyright mark on the picture.
·  The picture does not show any kind of nudity or other objectionable material. ( GHAC reserves the right to define the same)
Each nature lover can submit upto 5 pictures. You will need to pay a fee  for each of your picture selected for the exhibition. Please note that submitting a picture is no guarantee of picture to be selected as GHAC Nature reserves the right to select or reject any picture for the exhibition.
The date of Exhibition as of now is: December  27 -30, 2014.   However, the exact dates and venue of the exhibition will be announced later.
Please submit a short bio of yours along with your pictures. It should be between 100-250 words and you can give  links to your website or online work like flickr/facebook/blog etc.  Two lines about the picture submitted would be appreciated (this can cover where the picture was clicked and when)
How to submit Pictures
RSVP at this link to join the waiting list. Then submit your pictures by email attachment to Once your pictures are selected you will receive an email confirming which pictures are accepted.

Accordingly you will be advised to make payment to GHAC account . Once your money is received in the account you will be confirmed for the same and your pictures will be sent for printing and framing.
The last date to Submit your entries are 1st December, 2014. 
IMPORTANT Points while submitting pictures
·  Pictures should only be in JPEG/JPG format.  However, while printing your selected picture you should be in a position to submit the RAW file also.
·  There should be no watermark on them
·  They should be your original work
·  The long side of picture should be a minimum 3500 px at 250-300 dpi.
·  All pictures should be named like:  Your First name Your Last name What is in picture. E.g  If your name is Amit Kumar and you are submitting a picture of bulbul this is how you will name the file:   Amit Kumar bulbul. jpg. Similarly you will name all your pictures.
·  All pictures will be offered for sale at exhibition and the money received will be divided 50:50 between you and GHAC Nature. GHAC Nature will use the funds to further promote nature related activities.
·  Copyright: You retain the copyright of pictures, however by submitting the picture you agree that  GHAC, GHAC Nature and its associate club/companies will be allowed to use the pictures for promoting the exhibition and other nature related activities without paying any royalty to you.
·  Once the exhibition is over please collect your unsold prints from GHAC office, within the next 7 days after which they will be donated to local government schools
Questions: Please post here on the comments section and we will be happy to answer them.
Questions: or in the comments below.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hyderabad Rockathon - A Day among Rocks and Nature - Sun 14 Dec

The Third Hyderabad Rockathon IS happening on the Sunday 14 Dec 2014  from 7:30 am onward and is a annual event to celebrate and preserve the beautiful rocks of the Deccan plateau. Score of exciting adventure and conservation activities are planned for the day at Ghar - E Mubarak behind Taramati Baradari, Gandipet Road. This place is a heritage precinct and has historical significance as the Qutub Shahi kings use to pray at Ghar -e Mubarak before taking up any new construction. The Golconda and the Charminar were built after the mortar material was pasted in the Ghar - e - Mubarak rock cave before start of the construction. 

The planned activities include rock climbing activities like rappelling, zip lining, bouldering and other activities like treasure hunt, trail biking, rock shot putt, photography and rock walks.  Participation is limited . visit to register.  Event for all ages.  Kids above 6 years can attend along with parent or guardian.


Start Time                                 Activity
07:30 AM onward                        Registration* and Treasure Hunt Enrollment
08:00 AM onward                        Trail Biking
08:00 AM and 10:30 AM              Rockwalks
08:00 AM – 11:00 AM                  Photography Contest
08:00 AM  onward                       RocDoc Contest
09:00 AM – 03:30 AM                  Rappelling
                                                        Zip lining
                                                        Slack lining
                                                        Rock Balancing
                                                        Rock Installation 

                                                        Rock Shot Putt
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM                 Drawing Workshop 
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM                 Treasure Hunt
12:00 PM - 02:00 PM                  Lunch Time on pay basis (Non included in package)

01:30 PM                                   Rock Quiz (Participants are requested to finish lunch before 1:30 PM)
02.30 PM                                   Snake Show

Cost:  Above 12 Years Rs 400
Above 6 and below 12 years Rs 300

register on

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

India Clean Sweep - Clean up of Khajaguda lake

GHAC Volunteers Cleans Khajaguda Once again

With every sun that rises, we rise from sleep to a new day with a different spirit. Waking up for a different cause and challenge. Some of us have to run for office, some for their basic needs. This weekend on this Sunday (June 8th) on ‘World Environment Day’, we woke up for a better reason for cleaning up the Khajaguda lake that we have been the most frequent visitors for. I was representing GHAC (Great Hyderabad Adventure club) while the event was organised by the club in association with Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) and The Hindu.

Many volunteers from GHAC, NGOs-Bhumi and Dirty Feet, college-IIIT Hyd and school children joined the event at the lake surrounded by beautiful rocks, trees, fishes and with many birds at 6:30am. The clean up was inaugurated by Diyanat Ali, founder of GHAC and the volunteers were briefed about the impact they would make on the environment by regular clean up and awareness programmes. 

We gathered near the lake and planned the clean up with different bags for different waste (degradable, non-degradable). GHAC organisers briefed everyone about the safety precautions to be taken during the clean up programme. Armed with the reusable gloves and mask, we started to pick the waste.

With the curious onlookers who came to the lake for their morning activities, the serious vendors who were weighing their fish to get the best Sunday deal from the sale, the birds that perched onto the rocks in the middle of the lake, to sip and take a dip in the water, the pigs that were muddling in the mud, enjoying the warmth of the sun, the buffalos that were having a haughty swim in the water, the lorry that was taking bath in the lake water, the encroachment into the lake that haughtily dominated the lake area, the green trees that were welcoming us with the cool breeze, encouraging us for the activity it was quite a scene near the lake.

While cleaning the lake, we gave the locals some educational materials explaining the hazards of littering and benefits from the proper disposal of garbage.
We tried to motivate the onlookers, fishermen and others who gathered near the lake regarding keeping the lake clean and in reducing plastic usage. By 8:30am we held nearly 41 large bags of garbage treasure collected near the lake.
Some of the garbage was of the ganesh chaturthi celebrations of the previous year.
Apart from the satisfaction of having done something for the day, we had a surprise breakfast provided by Dirty feet organization which we ate haughtily.
We retired to our homes after disposing the garbage in the local bins. It was a day to remember, a day which must not be much different from our regular days. Finally, we hoped to carry the same spirit in keeping our homes and locality equally clean but not only for a day. 

Here is an earlier post on GHAC efforts to cleanup Khajaguda

About Author:Akhila Manne is an outdoor enthusiast and an Inquisitor, she is a researcher at IIIT Hyderabad and trainee organizer with GHAC. In her free time she likes to travel, in her words: 'I Pamper my inner senses. I savour the smell of the first rains, the sweetness of the wind chimes, brightness of the moonlit sky, touch of the soft waves- I travel'

Pictures credit: Saiteja

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My GHAC trip for Paragliding in Kamshet

 Paragliding at Kamshet with GHAC
Did you ever want to fly like a bird? The idea of soaring in the sky always gave me the thrill and one of the dreams that I nurtured since my childhood. So, when GHAC gave me the opportunity to learn Paragliding, there was no way I could miss it. One evening, the GHAC group set off from Paradise Fire Station in Hyderabad to Pune by bus, along with our organizer Jamila Kapasi, who is an avid traveler. We reached Pune early next morning and set off on a local train to Kamshet (45 km from Pune). The vehicle of Indus Paragliding was waiting outside the station and took us to the training base – our home for the next 2 days. The ‘Base’ includes accommodation for staff, students and guests – secluded from the main town, thus avoiding the noise of the city and giving you peace and calm during the entire training duration. There was also a beautiful lake in front of the cottages and it was a beautiful sight.

View from the cottage top

After freshening up, we completed the registration process over breakfast with our instructors Yogi (nicknamed “The flying Yogi”, for his dedication to Paragliding for more than ten years) and Pankaj. After breakfast, we were shown an introductory video on paragliding and the equipment used in the sport. After that, we had a theory session along with a brief summary of the course contents and the plan for the next 2 days. After lunch, we headed to a secluded spot for our first practical training class. Pankaj Sir gave us an introduction to the paraglider’s wing or canopy, fitting of the harness and checking of safety gears.

GHAC team understanding the canopy and its intricacies

We were then asked to practice inflation and deflation of the glide, forward / Alpine launch method along with the packing and unpacking of the bag which contained the equipment. It was a daunting task that required a lot of effort but was able to manage it over a period of time. It was interesting to learn the positions “A”, “B”, “C” & “D” and their significance in the sport. After a few hours of practice, we returned to the base by dusk. We spend the evening discussing the learnings of the day.
Day 2 began early as we got ready and left the institute by 6:30 am for flight practice. We went to Shinde hill which we climbed partially for “hops” (low level flights). We had to gear up and then jump from the cliff, fly and land in the ground below. It was an amazing experience flying in the air even though it was for a few seconds. I remembered being totally scared during the first hop but Yogi Sir patiently guided us through the walkie-talkie and helped us navigate properly. I was almost about to land in a bush of thorns but narrowly managed to escape. The difficult task was to collect the canopy and to climb back the hill with the heavy load in hand – I struggled to manage that. All of us got the chance to fly at least three hops. We also learned how to turn in the air and the landing procedure. It was funny to watch most people landing on their back, though you are supposed to land on your feet. All our flights were recorded on video for viewing later in the day.
My first hop

After 3 to 4 hours of practice, we returned to the institute tired and excited. We all took quick showers and sat down hungrily for lunch. Here I would like to mention that the staff at the institute was amazing cooks and the home cooked meal was delicious every time. Post lunch, we sat near the lake and enjoyed ourselves. In the evening, Pankaj Sir showed us the videos of our individual flights and explained the errors that we made. It was thrilling to see us flying and as predicted, all of us could see how scared (and therefore stiff) we were during the first flight. Some of the videos were really funny to watch as sometimes we were all doing exactly opposite to what the instruction provided (confusing the positions “A”, “B”, “C” & “D” respectively). The excitement in the room was fun and contagious. Yogi Sir and Pankaj Sir made us practice the positions again at the institute in a simulated glider. I can never forget this day and waiting for some more equally thrilling experience tomorrow.
 Practicing different positions in the simulated glider

Day 3 also began early and like earlier days, we went to Shinde Hill for today’s flight session. We were faced with disappointment as there was a heavy mist and hence no wind. Pankaj Sir told us that we cannot fly unless there is wind, so we all started praying. Today is our last day in Kamshet, and we don’t want to miss the opportunity of flying today – Yesterday’s experience actually increased our appetite and we were all hungry for more flights.
Team GHAC on the way to Shinde Hill with the heavy bag carrying the canopy, harness etc. 

To while away the time, we did some time pass activities including all of us dancing to Gangnam style. The guys also did some mock action and fight scenes which we enjoyed. The group was extremely energetic and fun and it actually made the experience even more memorable. After an hour, the mist lifted and wind started to blow. We quickly geared up and this time climbed the top of the hill for a better flight position. We all flew one after another. What an amazing and unforgettable experience that was!! My first flight today was more than a minute as I covered a lot of height and distance. Everyone was scared below that I would lose the walkie-talkie coverage but Yogi Sir guided me beautifully. We all are totally grateful to him for giving us the most memorable moments of our lives. While I was trying to land during my second flight, there was a group of buffalos walking underneath and I was scared that I might land either on top of them or in their midst. Everyone kept teasing me about that later; however, again I had a narrow escape. Today, some local boys helped carry our bags in return for a few bucks. The energy and enthusiasm of those boys was amazing. They even helped fill up our bottles when we ran out of water. The boys were constantly running up and down the hill carrying bags for each of us.
All good things come to an end and soon our time to fly got over. It was time for us to return to our institute proudly carrying out the log books and the certification that we completed the elementary course in Paragliding J Thank you GHAC for giving me this opportunity to fulfil my dream – An unforgettable experience of my life!! Would like to come back for the next level courses as well J

My Flight 

Team GHAC celebrating successful completion of Elementary Paragliding course

Over all it was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to more activities with GHAC, if you would like to participate in GHAC adventure activities then visit the GHAC site to find more details.

About Author:
 Ipsita Mukherjee: Like the name of my blog-(Wanderlust-My travel diary), I love travelling and capturing images of the places I travel through my trusted camera. Given a chance I would love to travel 365 days of the year, however, my job in the corporate industry does not give me that luxury. I work as a Training Manager in a BPO. I have decided to start writing about my travels and share my experiences with others. My intention is to inspire people to travel

disclaimer: The views expressed in the post are of the author and not necessarily represent GHAC. If you would like to write for GHAC blog please check the contribution guidelines.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

India Clean Sweep - Pics from South India

India Clean Sweep Report

Compiled report of the India Clean Sweep for which GHAC was the Hyderabad Partner.

Zone-wise volunteer strength

Zone-wise segregation (#big bags)

Photo/media links:


Tirunelveli - Nellai Nature Club

Hyderabad - Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

Vizag - 
Mother Earth Environmental Consciousness Society (MEECONS)

Trichy - Thaneer

Coimbatore - Umesh

Kanyakumari - Socio Economic Development Association (SEDA)

Tuticorin - Pearl City Nature Society, National Troopers for Conservation of Nature



Mime show @ Eliot Beach - Bharathi Scouts group





Broken Bridge

Besant Nagar




Neelankarai North

Neelankarai South

Prarthana Drive in




The Yellow bag

read the detailed report at