Monday, October 23, 2017

Outdoor Leadership Workshop - Oct 2017

​GHAC Outdoor Leadership Program - Basic Level 1  - 27-28-29 Oct 2017

GHAC is calling application from all outdoor enthusiasts who would like to learn outdoor leadership skills required to conduct and lead outdoor activities with GHAC. 

Planning, leading, surviving and making decisions in wilderness conditions prepares one for day to day challenges of life. Learning's in the outdoors helps one internalize and personalize the experience and take the them back to their personal and professional fronts. This is the most effective way to develop leaders.

 The program focuses on skills that build confidence and competence in leaders conducting outdoor camping and trekking experiences in the wilderness. 

This Outdoor Leadership Workshop is a highly selective process to spot and train outdoor enthusiasts to become exceptional Outdoor Leaders.

By attending this workshop, participants will get to learn 

• Define  the basics of Outdoor Leadership.
• Recognize the Safety requirements for conduct of Outdoor Events.
• Relate to the Group Behavior and Interpersonal skills required to conduct outdoor events.
• Relate to the Judgement and Decision Making Skills in the Outdoors. 
• Demonstrate  the Outdoor Safety skills required to organize and lead teams  with all safety. 
• Practice Wilderness Survival Skills, Map Reading and Navigation,  Camping Skills, Basic First Aid, Knots and Lashings. 

For Whom: Open to individuals aged 18 years and above with a passion for adventure and who want to learn Leadership,  Decision Making, Teamwork, Outdoor Skills required to lead adventure and outbound expeditions.

Prerequisites: Active Adventurers who have done 5 Local and 5 Outstation events with GHAC or other Adventure Clubs.

The Rule is relaxed for NCC Cadets with B or C certificate,  members with Basic or Advanced Mountaineering, ex-servicemen and experienced active adventure enthusiasts.

Adventure clubs and organisations working in field of outdoor education may also send their nominations if the participants qualify the prerequisites. 

How to apply: 
1) Apply at 

Outlife Outbound Training and Team Building

Monday, July 10, 2017

Outdoor Leader Graduates.

GHAC ensures safety by focusing on competency of it's outdoor leaders skills, along with standard guidelines to conduct safe outdoor events.

Trainees are given training and mentoring in outdoor skills that include, wilderness first aid, navigation, trip planning, group facilitation and wilderness survival. 

Trainees are mentored and given feedback as they work along a senior outdoor leader who ensures the trainee gets to work in real and safe environment.

It takes minimum 1 year and up to 2 years for trainees to develop and demonstrate competency in various outdoor skills  to Graduate in the Outdoor Leadership Program.

In recognition of their completion of the prerequisites and learnings to qualify as a outdoor leader with GHAC, the following trainees have graduated as Competent Outdoor Leaders - Level 1.

Diyanat Ali
Founder, GHAC