Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Second GHAC Glimpses of Nature Exhibition

GHAC Nature is happy to announce the Second annual Photo Exhibition 

THIS IS A CALL FOR this exhibition

We are looking at pictures of Nature in and around the Deccan Plateau, Nilgiris and Western Ghats that showcase the diversity, colors, beauty, struggle and resilience of nature."Glimpses of Nature"
You can check the pictures exhibited last time here:   First Glimpses of Nature
What kind of pictures we are looking for ?
You can submit pictures of
·  Birds
·  Animals
·  Insects
·  Trees
·  Flowers
·  Rocks
·  Lakes
·  Sunrise/Sunset
Preference will be given to pictures taken around cities as we want to showcase nature around Hyderabad.
What kinds of pictures are not acceptable:
Pictures of captive animals like in cages, zoo, and pets will not be accepted.
Checklist before submitting pictures
·  The picture you are submitting is your own work 
·  The pictures is minimum 3500 px wide on the long edge with 250-300 dpi
·  There is no watermark/copyright mark on the picture.
·  The picture does not show any kind of nudity or other objectionable material. ( GHAC reserves the right to define the same)
Each nature lover can submit upto 5 pictures. You will need to pay a fee  for each of your picture selected for the exhibition. Please note that submitting a picture is no guarantee of picture to be selected as GHAC Nature reserves the right to select or reject any picture for the exhibition.
The date of Exhibition as of now is: December  27 -30, 2014.   However, the exact dates and venue of the exhibition will be announced later.
Please submit a short bio of yours along with your pictures. It should be between 100-250 words and you can give  links to your website or online work like flickr/facebook/blog etc.  Two lines about the picture submitted would be appreciated (this can cover where the picture was clicked and when)
How to submit Pictures
RSVP at this link to join the waiting list. Then submit your pictures by email attachment to Once your pictures are selected you will receive an email confirming which pictures are accepted.

Accordingly you will be advised to make payment to GHAC account . Once your money is received in the account you will be confirmed for the same and your pictures will be sent for printing and framing.
The last date to Submit your entries are 1st December, 2014. 
IMPORTANT Points while submitting pictures
·  Pictures should only be in JPEG/JPG format.  However, while printing your selected picture you should be in a position to submit the RAW file also.
·  There should be no watermark on them
·  They should be your original work
·  The long side of picture should be a minimum 3500 px at 250-300 dpi.
·  All pictures should be named like:  Your First name Your Last name What is in picture. E.g  If your name is Amit Kumar and you are submitting a picture of bulbul this is how you will name the file:   Amit Kumar bulbul. jpg. Similarly you will name all your pictures.
·  All pictures will be offered for sale at exhibition and the money received will be divided 50:50 between you and GHAC Nature. GHAC Nature will use the funds to further promote nature related activities.
·  Copyright: You retain the copyright of pictures, however by submitting the picture you agree that  GHAC, GHAC Nature and its associate club/companies will be allowed to use the pictures for promoting the exhibition and other nature related activities without paying any royalty to you.
·  Once the exhibition is over please collect your unsold prints from GHAC office, within the next 7 days after which they will be donated to local government schools
Questions: Please post here on the comments section and we will be happy to answer them.
Questions: or in the comments below.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hyderabad Rockathon - A Day among Rocks and Nature - Sun 14 Dec

The Third Hyderabad Rockathon IS happening on the Sunday 14 Dec 2014  from 7:30 am onward and is a annual event to celebrate and preserve the beautiful rocks of the Deccan plateau. Score of exciting adventure and conservation activities are planned for the day at Ghar - E Mubarak behind Taramati Baradari, Gandipet Road. This place is a heritage precinct and has historical significance as the Qutub Shahi kings use to pray at Ghar -e Mubarak before taking up any new construction. The Golconda and the Charminar were built after the mortar material was pasted in the Ghar - e - Mubarak rock cave before start of the construction. 

The planned activities include rock climbing activities like rappelling, zip lining, bouldering and other activities like treasure hunt, trail biking, rock shot putt, photography and rock walks.  Participation is limited . visit to register.  Event for all ages.  Kids above 6 years can attend along with parent or guardian.


Start Time                                 Activity
07:30 AM onward                        Registration* and Treasure Hunt Enrollment
08:00 AM onward                        Trail Biking
08:00 AM and 10:30 AM              Rockwalks
08:00 AM – 11:00 AM                  Photography Contest
08:00 AM  onward                       RocDoc Contest
09:00 AM – 03:30 AM                  Rappelling
                                                        Zip lining
                                                        Slack lining
                                                        Rock Balancing
                                                        Rock Installation 

                                                        Rock Shot Putt
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM                 Drawing Workshop 
11:00 AM - 01:00 PM                 Treasure Hunt
12:00 PM - 02:00 PM                  Lunch Time on pay basis (Non included in package)

01:30 PM                                   Rock Quiz (Participants are requested to finish lunch before 1:30 PM)
02.30 PM                                   Snake Show

Cost:  Above 12 Years Rs 400
Above 6 and below 12 years Rs 300

register on