Thursday, October 7, 2010

What does adventure mean, to you?

My sleep eludes time (it's 2 in the morning!), winamp is playing some of my favorite numbers and had a flash thought of sticking a post! huh? (What's with this guy?)

Adventure, is the word that defines the craziness cited above (as you might put it!). Certainly, the place is not adventurous. I do not find business hotel in the city side to be an adventurous offering but the moment definitely is. The bigger question, and the precise idea for this post, is "What is adventure to you?". Is adventure all about tying a rope around your legs and jump from more than 800 feet or is it a cycle ride along the country side and your romance with silence and scenic views! Is the thrill provided by the raft, adventurous, or the lone walk on the hills gives you that thrill!

The definitions vary, from an individualistic perspective, and that's where the brilliance is. I do not buy the thought that a jump against a cycle ride, deserves a place higher than latter activity. Why? My Take.

I, personally, love the walk along the beach line, in my hometown. The gigantic view of the ocean and the sky, the horizon, the running crabs, the shells, the breeze, the music plugged into my ears and the wonderful walk, kicking the water as I walk. The silence is one to be embraced. I take time out to do this one thing, whenever i am in my hometown (besides eating my favorite ice cream at my favorite ice cream joint). I find this activity to be adventurous and very soothing (that's important). It's got everything, as far as i see it. The natural view, neutral experience, silence, the twilight hours, thrilling evening, the beautiful night sky that few lookup to appreciate! Aha! There are no thorns or twists and turns or slippery slopes. It's a plain flat walk! That's adventure? duh, to me!

Every one has a preference for an adventure activity over another and the preference, obviously, is set by what defines them or how they want an activity to define them or maybe, simply for the heck of it! Eventually, amidst the heavy and energy draining working days, one will find that soothing experience in adventure, that is true!

If you haven't found it yet, don't worry, you'll, for sure, find it someday :-)

P.S: The comments section is open for your thought on adventure. Why do you think the thing you like to do, qualifies as an adventure for you? Remember there is no right or wrong answer. It's only your take!

-- Shishir NC