About GHAC

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club is a Non Profit community group from Hyderabad city in the state of Telangana, South India consisting of like minded individuals who take part in outdoor adventure activities on all weekends of the year. 

* Great Hyderabad Adventure club GHAC is a Not for  Profit and self sustaining Adventure Club that has been established in Hyderabad, Telangana, India and caters to weekend getaways, weekend travel, adventure travel, wilderness travel  trekking, hiking, camping, outdoors, Bird Watching and adventure sports like rock climbing, rappelling, paragliding, skiing, white water rafting, scuba diving. The club provides everyone opportunities to get outdoors, try new adventure activities, and generally have a fantastic outdoor time. The Club also raises funds for equipment and various social and charity causes. 

* Safety is priority for us - Our Organisers are trained and have significant experience with outdoor activities and work very hard to make each event a safe and enjoyable experience. We have doctors available on call and a mandatory trained first aider with required first aid kit on every trek. 
We are dedicated to the promotion of adventure and nature awareness in Hyderabad abd India. The club  provides state of art, safe ‘n' thrilling adventure activities for everyone. Whether you are new to outdoor activities or an experienced outdoor enthusiast, we welcome you to GHAC!

Diyanat Ali who is the founder and chief organizer of the club developed an interest for adventure when he was a member of the NCC. Even after leaving the NCC he didn’t let go of his love for adventure and turned it into a full fledged hobby. Together with a small group of friends Diyanat would go on regular treks and participate in adventure activities whenever time permitted, till May 2008, when he came up with an idea of starting a club for people who were keen on adventure. So he started a meetup website for adventure and for outbound training

GHAC belongs to its members. It is totally volunteer based club. We have a group of about 40 volunteers who are called organisers. They have been chosen for their ability to lead a group and serve selflessly. The club actively looks out for experienced members who love to share and give back to the community.

The experienced and trained organisers conduct a range of adventure activities from Rock climbing, Rappelling, Bouldering, Water Rafting, Sea sailing, trekking, Jungle Treks, Scaling hillocks, camping, exploring new places and anything that spells adventure.


The club’s philosophy "GET MORE OUT OF LIFE" prompts us to venture out in the wilderness on all the weekends away from the concrete jails. The club is open to everyone, irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion or economic status of any individual. It’s for both the novice who wants to get started, for the amateur who wants to experiment and for the professional who want to share. Everyone with a good sense of fun and adventure is welcome.

The Club's Mission is to get people together for the purposes of:
- getting close to nature and enjoy nature in an eco friendly manner
- experiencing local, regional and far away trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities at all skill levels.
- learning tips, tricks, techniques and first aid for safe and comfortable outdoor adventuring.
- networking with the group and its members.
- Organise Social Treks for poor children and contribute towards their education & welfare
- build courage and confidence by taking part in outdoor activities
- foster team spirit, friendship and build leadership qualities in every individual
- inculcate & enhance a sense of discipline and spirit of sportsmanship and adventure
- promote overall personality development of an individual
- enhance outdoor experience while living in or visiting Hyderabad.
- participating in regular outdoor activities for staying fit and healthy.

If you are interested in volunteering for exploring, planning, organising treks please get in touch with us.

GET MORE OUT OF LIFE … be a part of the movement.

* Get Twitter updates on GHAC via SMS by texting "follow hydadventure" to 53000 from any mobile in India

The age limit are
Adults (18 - 60 Years) - can participate at free will.
Junior II (13-17 Years) - will need parent or guardian's written consent for participation.
Junior I (6-12 years) - can only participate along with a parent or a guardian.

Check the full Organising committee here

Chief Trainer: Wilderness Survival : Col Rajeev Sharma

Trainer - Mountaineering, Rock Climbing : Deepam Morporia
Trainer - Bouldering: Ranga Rao V
Trainer - Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Explorations: Diyanat
Trainer - Outdoor Navigation : Diyanat
Trainer - First Aid & Emergency Medicine: Dr Vibha Naik

Contact us
Email: info (at)