Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tower Construction blunder on Maula Ali Hill - Hyderabad

The Moula Ali Dargah is one of the 11 heritage sites identified by"Heritage conservation committee" of HUDA. this hill rock has a history of 400 years and is a spiritual place for one and all, off late some construction is taking place on the top of the hill, I have been frequenting the hill since childhood and witnessed the human encroachment all around the hill but never saw any construction happening on the top of the hill except the white wash.

over the past 4 months I first saw the markings laid out which i thought was for a room, then the rock was chipped, this was done in a very slow manner and on 02 August metal rods were digged for construction of a radio tower by the cyberabad police, and now the work is going on nonstop and probably in a week we will have a 100 feet tower overshadowing the culture and heritage of 400 years, following this other government and private gsm and cdma operators may also add their towers and spoil the heritage and sanctity of the site.

This was also reported in the hindu online newspaper


construction in full swing

The Hyderabad City despite having a culture and history of 400 years could not be added as a world heritage city, this is mainly due to lack off initiative and concern from the state government. This construction of tower is hurting the sentiments of people who frequent to the place for their spiritual needs, and is a mark of disrespect to this sacred site

on inquiring with the care takers of the dargah if they objected to the construction, they said the WAKF board has given police the permission to construct the tower, but the site comes under heritage conversation committee and WAKF board cannot issue permission on behalf of HCC

pics of the hill in the old days and the present days, this shows the pillage and plunder all across the hill and now on the top

old picture 1900

Latest Picture

old painting of Maulali

present day maulali


Arky said...

Do plan to do something about this?

Glob of Nueral Exudes said...

The news of this came in the news daily recently, I dont know what action is being taken to stop the construction.