Sunday, January 10, 2010

December Photo Sharing Meet

We do have one meetup with all the rules relaxed. Tts called the photo sharing meetup of the month. Only members who participated in the treks and their guests can attend. A typical photo sharing meetup is where you relive the trek moments, meet fellow participants and exchange photos. Not to forget the Awesome Fun and Food.

on 10 Jan 2010 About 20 (expected 40) GHAC members attended the Photo sharing meet for the treks done in December 2009 which included Medak, Srisailam, Coorg and Kuremukh. what was witnessed was 3 full hours (actually 2 hours - 1 hour went in waiting) of fun time with Food, Drinks and Photos

We also had a competition for best presentation and best photo's and The Results are

Best presentation

First - Vibha Powerpoint & Co - Medak Trek
Runner Up - Sreenath Flash & Co - Kudremukh Trek
Second Runner UP - Diyanat Picasa & Co - Coorg Trek

Best Pictures

First- Mithun/ Ksree - Coorg Trek
Runner Up - Sreenath & Co - Kudremukh Trek
2nd Runner Up - Vibha & Co - Medak Trip

Most Food and Most Drinks
First and Only - Mr J. (hint- looks like Kamala hasan)
No Runner Up

The Prize
Well everyone got a cup full of Ice cream

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