Monday, February 8, 2010

A look back at Gandikota trek.

Thank you Kranthi for the short write up on gandikota travel.

From the awesome two day trek to gandikota. This trek was a physically challenging and emotionally satisfying one. The location is a mix of Hampi and the Grand Canyon..

The locals tell us that not many people come there for camping. Infact, the first question that any villager asked us was.. "Did you come here for film shooting ?" :)

so in a way diyanat and GHAC have unearthed a great location... we even got interviewed by ABN news :)

  • Sleepless night in in a train with a philosphical discussion on objectivism.
  • Hanging behind autos filled with luggage and people.
  • Glorious Gandikota fort in a gorgeous natural scenery.
  • Filling drinking water from an age old walk-through well..
  • Carrying backpacks, rope, tent, fire wood, rice, vegetables, utensils, stove and a tray of eggs...
  • Deciding to climb down a 30 metre high wall using a knotted rope... only to find out a secret passage through the 10 metre thick wall...
  • Too many cooks spoil the soup... but one head-cook and lot of helpers can make yummy rice, dal and curry on fire wood... and omlettes on a chotu cylinder..
  • Group of five singers... classical, bollywood and western... singing all the way...
  • Sentry duty in the night... the most beautiful night sky ever... lots of shooting stars and wishes to come true.
  • The wake-up call... "Guys... wakeup and packup" :)
  • Gorging down on recooked rice, crumbled bread with cheese spread and raw tomatoes for breakfast.
  • Exploring the gandikota fort... Penna river flowing between 200m high mountain walls.. Grand Canyon of India.
  • Exhausting rock climbing through thorny bushes... lots of bruises and thorns as souvenirs.
  • Getting interviewed by ABN news.
  • Checking out a temple, mosque and a granary built in 13th century.
  • Back to childhood... sucking ice candies, munching nallis and playing gilli danda
  • Lunching on scrambled eggs.. 2 packets of maggi for 18 people.. and some fresh coconut.
  • Bus ride to mylavaram dam sitting on the backseat singing aloud "mere angane me tumhara kya kaam hai".
  • Splashing in the river water and watching the sunset.
  • Converting the railway waiting room into a dining hall.


Unknown said...

thank you for your wonderful narration regarding your gandikota trek. i'm a huge adventure enthusiast and my native place is Jammalamadugu. I plan on camping in Gandikota next time when I visit India.

M L said...
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