Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GHAC Carnival 2010 - A huge success

GHAC Carnival held on 15th August 2010 was a big success with close to 450 people attending it despite the rains.  It was a lovely evening with the Adventure Fashion show being the Highlight of the evening. It was a pleasure watching the talented GHACians sing and dance together.

I must mention my deep sense of appreciation for the Keynote speaker Mr Rajeev Trivedi Additional Director A.P.P.A for gracing the occasion and for his excellent presentation on the adventure activities  he has done.

My sincere appreciation  to Shree Jayesh Ranjan  Secretary to Govt A.P, Tourism for his cooperation and for his encouragement for conducting the GHAC Carnival 2010 and extending the hand and support of APTDC to GHAC for future Club's Endeavours

I extend my thanks to Mr Sandeep Kumar Sultania Managing Director and Chairman APTDC and Mr Shekhar Babu manager APTDC and all the APTDC Staff for their  out-most cooperation and support during the entire event.

I thank the people and businesses that have chosen to sponsor and support the event. Without them this event was not possible. A big thank you to all the following sponsors

Reckon Technologies who were the main sponsor for the events. Our Co sponsors were APTDC, Wilcraft, Nava Bharat Ventures and Olive Hospital. Our Associate sponsors were BellIndia Pvt Ltd,  Hungama Deals, TripNaksha and KCHS School. Our Medua partners were Red FM 93.5 and Meraevents .com

I thank Arun Kumar from Traditions who were the event managers for the Carnival for the planning and smooth execution of everything that went so well. I thank Sharon who was the Emcee for the evening.  I thank Studio9 for the wonderful dance sequences. I thank all the Gorgeous and Handsome Hyderabadi Models who walked the ramp. I thank the "Stangers Band" for the wonderful performance.

An event  of this proportion cannot happen overnight. The wheels start rolling months ago. It required meticulous planning and a birds eye for details. GHAC  have been fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated organisers and volunteers  who know their job and are result oriented.

I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my hearty thanks to Ali Razvi for his vision and efforts for being the driving force behind the event. Without his vision and ideas this event would not have been possible. The very concept of hosting the First ever Adventure Fashion show goes to him.

I  express my sincere thanks to Mr Ranjan Sood for giving an excellent and informative speech  on GHAC and helping with organising the event.  I also thank Mr Kalpesh for all the good ideas and for supporting the event.

I extend my hearty thanks to Arun Raj for the  excellent design of the GHAC Carnival Theme. I also am thankful to Kranthi and the team of volunteers for  their enormous hard work done to publicize the event. I thank Farida and the team of Volunteers for coordinating with the press.

I thank the Sales Team consisting of Dr Vibha, Sachin and Prashant for publicizing the event and reaching out to people. I thank Bharat Reddy and the newsletter team for bringing out a superb annual GHAC newsletter edition. 

I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to take on the completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones!. The Following Volunteers has helped with various tasks with organising the event.

Deepam Morporia
Dr. Peddi Reddy
Anurag Khare
Shankar Reddy
Sharan K
Praveen Kumar K
Narendra V
Deepam Morparia
Anshu Gemini
Shraddha Bajaj

I would like to thank each and everyone who have helped with the event and whose names I could not remember. Lastly I would like to thank all the members and their families and guests for  attending the event and making it a success.


Diyanat Ali
Chief Organiser

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