Monday, August 15, 2011

Message on this Independence Day.

Dear Friends

Our nation is celebrating its 65th independence day and while I congratulate you on this Day, a thought lingers in my mind as to whether we as citizens of free India are really living a life as shown by the father of our Great Nation.

There are lots of lessons to learn from the struggle for Independence and the life of Mahatma Gandhi. I would particularly want to highlight that Mahatma Gandhi was a very simple person. Though born into wealthy family, he ultimately gave all materialistic possessions away. He owned only a few essentials for himself. His only possessions in this world were very few like a spectacle, a plate, a bowl, slippers and some khadi clothes. He used to give away or auction any gift that was ever given to him.

Mahatma  said " It is open to the world to laugh at my dispossessing myself of all property. For me the dispossession has been a positive gain. I would like people to complete with me in my contentment. It is the richest treasure I own. Hence it is perhaps right to say that, though I preach poverty, I am a rich man!"

We all tend to spend a lot of time and  energy acquiring or looking after our material possessions. By having fewer things to possess and look after, our life naturally becomes simpler. By living a simple life, Mahatma Gandhi was able to devote his life to his chosen higher purpose. He was totally focused on his commitment to his people and the nation.

It may not be possible these days for us to get down to few possessions like Mahatma Gandhi did, but we can start cutting down to bare basics. Recycle, give things away, or auction our unwanted possessions. our life will be much simpler and happier by following this life lessons from the father of our nation.

Lets start living a simpler life from today and you will release a lot of time and energy. This will give you the space to create the life you really want to live, a life that is inspired and purposeful.

Mahatma said "You may have occasion to possess or use material things, but the secret of life lies in never missing them"

Wish you a very Happy Independence Day


Diyanat Ali

Chief Organiser

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