Friday, August 3, 2012

Important Safety Advisory

The recent mushrooming of many me-too adventure clubs in Hyderabad has led to many accidents and in some cases, loss of life. The safety record and aspect of adventure in Hyderabad is in question today. Anybody can start an online adventure club or become an organizer with these clubs and lead an adventure event which leads to incidents of trespassing, accidents and loss of lives.

Unfortunately, many unaware participants and those who come to Hyderabad to work become the main target as they have very little knowledge about aspects like safety or quality and settle for what they get. Lack of rules and regulations has made adventure too risky for the inexperienced. Most of the new adventure clubs do not have properly trained or certified organizers which makes them unsafe. They are also not registered with the government which makes it very easy to disappear in case of an undue incident.

These so called adventure clubs advocate being not for profit, but the funds are collected into personal accounts of the organizers. There are no accounts of the funds and there are no governmental statutory requirements to be fulfilled as they are not registered and no one knows where the money goes.

The sad fact is that the mushrooming of these dubious 'clubs' has led to many accidents and loss of life and is threatening the adventure potential and interest in Hyderabad Today.

Essential Things you should be checking before going out with any adventure club:

  • Is the adventure club registered with the state or central government?
  • Do they operate from a registered office address with a landline number or is just an online club?
  • Does the club have trained and certified instructors with years of experience in the outdoors?
  • Are the organizers trained in first aid and emergency handling?
  • Is regular training and safety drills undertaken by the club for its organizers
  • Does the club have certified equipment for conduct of adventure events?
  • Does the club has proper guidelines and a strict policy towards No alcohol, No Smoking, No Littering and Environmental Care.
  • Is the group open to all and keeps all policies and activity information in public domain.
  • Are they really Registered as not-for-profit or just make false claims to attract individuals
  • Do they take necessary permissions from authorities to conduct the adventure events.
Participants choosing to go out with any adventure club should take care not to get into trouble with authorities for trespassing. Please do not go out with anyone who is not trained to lead the event. Ensure to cross check the credentials of such clubs and the persons leading the events, before going on any adventure events with them.

Please take personal safety very seriously and never get carried away by seeing photographs or comments. Your safety is your decision. Be Safe.

Released in interest of the adventure community in the twin cities.

GHAC Organising Committee

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