Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hike to Rachakonda Fort

Scaling Rachakonda Fort

One of our Trainee Organizers Varun Sugandhi led a team of 19, GHACians to the historical 19th century Rachikonda fort near Ibrahimpattnam, about 70 KM from Hyderabad.

It was a bright sunny day, perfect for conquering a  historical fort. The path to the fort was lush green in monsoon, but it was a bit slippery due to loose soil. So the team hiked slowly one step at a time, till finally reaching the summing.

The team that scaled Rachakonda Fort

The Path to the fort was through lush green forest

Some Ruins on top of Fort

But This Guy was not happy to see them

Once the team scaled the fort, they had some fun time, clicking pictures, but this South Indian Rock Agama was not very happy to see them. So the team left him alone and got busy with clicking pictures.

The Team Had a Good time at the Top of the Fort

Varun The Trek Leader

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