Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hyderabad to Kodachari Bike Ride by GHAC

When travelling is in your blood, you want to soak everything thats an offer - the different cultures, various cuisines and the spectacular views. 
Wouldn't you secretly hope to get that window seat, so that nothing is between you and the new world you traveling too. So lets take out all the blind spots. Feel the wind on face, know the world you are traveling from a closer view After the cold breeze has penetrated into your skin, enjoy a hot sip of tea while the warmth faintly sends down a shiver through you
Enjoy the throttle and power while you climb the mountains, feel the push while riding downhill. Lets the straight highways test your patience, lack of roads test your skills. let the bike feel your undivided attention and love. Let the sceneries open up to you ... let the rain clouds play hide and seekh with you ... The cross winds swing you and if that was not enough .... laugh out at the funny world out there ... for you are the rider and nothing stops you !!  For there is so much to explore.... to discover to get amazed, to learn ..and when you are done for the day ... share the journey over the heartful meal 
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Kodachadri peak 120kms from the town of Shimoga is a paradise for off road bikers as there is a 4X4 jeep route till the temple. Amazing off roading route for bikers. 
We started on Friday morning around 5 am from Hyderabad. The very first greeting from nature's side was a heavy downpour slowing down our pace in our tightly packed schedule but made the rest of the day's heat bearable. Cruizing through the "so called" shate highways of karnataka, from Mahbubnagar - Raichur - Hospet - Harpanhalli, 500 kms was the max we could manage on the first day.
After a late start to second day, the hilly route in the western ghats and the "highways" of Karnataka we reached the base of Kodachadri at around 3.30 pm. This was the first time I was taking my bike off the road, still did good compared to Vishwam Anna, all credit goes to gigantic hulk ofcourse.

 The amazing weather at the top of Kodachadri, the night camp. And then the continous 24 hour ride back to Hyderabad added flavours of state "highways" of Karnataka. Who says biking is not an adventure, this definitely was one hell of and adventure 
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- Mohit Kharb
Co-Org - GHAC

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