Thursday, June 4, 2015

Climbing Bhairavgad and will be back again

Yes we are sure to find water at the top, it’s been long since I have pushed this body beyond it’s normal routine I need radical change to get over the routine that has attached its tentacle to my mind. With the bruises and ankle injury a gruesome trek of uphill ain’t easy but the old man kept saying about water that brought renewed vigor to my pace.

I was separated from my team, baba lured me into it and i followed him it was already 30 mins and I realized after finding I need to go back and get my team, no way they are going to make it here it’s too tangled up a route, the similar mistake that we did other night by not taking guide though he wanted 500 Rs that was beyond reason to me but anyhow it has little value. “It’s been long I have been here I can’t find the water source” shielding his eyes by his hand he was standing tall and looking for it everywhere, I had no bottles with me but then he was carrying one bottle, I would have ended up asking him but after scooping around we could locate it. Time to go back and get the rest of team I helped myself with the water (plenty of it since I was sweating the same amount) and berries that I could find in the jungle, they were pretty awesome but I kept eating them until my head starting nauseating from eating them.

That leopard was almost surveying our blockades, says the policeman. All while adjusting his pants. They never wanted us to go there but anyhow night plan was shattered with the darkness and no gps or compass to guide us and moonlight was sufficient only for romantic couples.
The first patch seemed interesting the first team climbed it all but as they proceed with the newbie team mate it was almost hot and the sun was raging in its fury and reminding us of his reign and limitless scorching power in the summer.

 I managed to follow through my partner but soon realized these grips are insane and I have much less practice in this kind of grips and as I panicked I gave in I could barely reach the climb to 2nd patch and realized how hard I was using the anchors and the futility of this punched me hard and I gave in, after all I felt no point in climbing using aids. Abruptly I rappelled down disappointing my partner who wanted to climb it just for the heights if not for the challenge his eyes were poking deep into my coward face but me of i was lost in my mortality to answer any of his calls. 
While going back we managed to get lost and the fact we were losing daylight and berries were unpalatable they were affecting certain sense in my mind, the Nauseating way. I did smelled rotten flesh two time that indicated the stories about leopard might be true, I kept the members close so that we might not bump into him, in the end we managed to reach the village to travel back to home but with lot of contentment that I not only learned to climb but gained much wisdom by leaving the climb to future.
- Devender Patiyal

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