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Dandeli: Car ride.

This write-up, on Dandeli, is written by Naveen Mehta. The write-up is also on his wordpress blog -

Thank you for the blog, Naveen.

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So, GHAC Adventurer - Naveen Mehta, on his car ride to Dandeli. Read on.......

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”
– Jawaharlal Nehru

I have heard a lot about this place ‘Dandeli’ from my friend and of course blogs and wanted to go, but couldn’t set off. So one fine day, I was just checking on GHAC about upcoming treks and was thrilled to see ‘Dandeli trek’ but my excitement dipped instantly after checking that no spots are left anymore. But as it was supposed to be, I got into the list and got the chance to go on my first trek with GHAC. So after drop-outs and drop-ins, 18 people decided to start this adventurous excursion of 3 days toward “Dandeli” on morning of 13th November. Time of departure was set to 5:45 am from JNTU.

About this fantastic place: Dandeli
“Dandeli” is located in Northern Karnataka, near to Goa, a mixture of Adventure, Nature and Wildlife. This is a picture perfect place. It is home to some rare animals and birds. This is an unspoilt and unexplored treasure of wildlife, far away from the hustle bustle of the city life. You will wake up to sounds of chirping birds. If you are adventurous, you can do water sports, trekking, rappelling and many more such stuff. Or you can just take a walk on roadside and realize the pleasure of life in doing the simple things. This trip will surely leave you spellbound. This place has something to offer in every season, so anytime is good time. But the best time to enjoy all the things, which this place has to offer, would be November to March. The best way to reach there will to go by a car (or any other personal vehicle), you can make pit stops to take a walk in farm fields or take a picture along river side or enjoy the highway ride…

Get Set Go …………. DAY-1

On D-day, we all met at JNTU and met with other members. Although I have never met with anyone before, yet soon we were not stranger anymore. When people come together with similar interests, there is nothing missing anymore. This is one of the things which I loved about the GHAC group.

As it happens with anything, which involves a big group, we also got delayed from our schedule time, and embarked on this exciting trip at 6.30 am in 4 cars. I was in Swift with Anoop, Prashali, Sandeep (techies from Microsoft and Google) and Prashanth (a hard-core entrepreneur). On the way The conversation started with some driving tips from Prashanth and later became a technical discussion, I opted for audience role, because these guys were doing the discussion in a better way and without spectator the discussion looks incomplete. Our stop for lunch was some 20kms after Solapur. Lunch was good (Good should be taken in proper prospective) and soon after we resumed our journey.

The journey of 700 kms didn’t look long now, with scenic sight along the roadside, cool breeze brushing past our face and giving a refreshing feeling. Also the weather, which was also on vacations with us, never made journey tiring. The journey offered us all kinds of Indian roads. Smooth highways where we were driving at 150 KMPH (like flying) and the bumpy roads where no matter how much effort you put to avoid potholes, you will definitely get into the one or other. Better press accelerator…. (Not much, but enough). After some 50 kms of bumpy ride, we reached to Dandeli, the 20 kms ride into the forest, that too in New moon night, it was FUN!!!

Around 10.30 pm we reached to ‘Stanley Farm house’, our home for next 2 days, an ideally located place. Right amidst the dense forest, best place for camping in forest. The people, who manage the farm, were very welcoming, accommodating and always ready to show us around in forest (morning or night, anytime). We had our dinner and set the tents. So after setting up all things, we started camp fire and then the music masti session started, with our guitarist, Kranthi, who amused us with his melody tunes. Superb bro..!!!

We got to see team efforts also, having fun together.

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