Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Poem on the experience at Kesargutta

The poem you are about to read has been penned down by Siddhartha.

Thank you Siddhartha for the forward.

My trip to kesargutta

My trip to kesargutta though was very wild,

I thought that it very mild.

I felt the cool breeze brush past my cheek,

with the engine touching it's peak.

when diyant put on the the brake,

I felt that it was about time to give the bike a decent break.

I knew that who ever organised this trek,

had a brain without dust even to the amount of a single speck.

as there was no sun,

the rock climbing was real fun.

it was enjoyable to climb down the boulders,

altough we felt like we were carrying the world on our shoulders.

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