Sunday, February 6, 2011

GHAC Mascot Competition

Whats your idea of a GHAC mascot?. How should GHAC Mascot look like.  What it should be called?. Come take part in the mascot competition and share your best images and win prizes.

Please upload all entries to the "GHAC Mascot Competition" Album at . You need to sign in to to upload photos.

Deadline 11:59pm IST -  28th Feb 2011


1st prize: Backpack 50 Litre
2nd prize: Sleeping Bag
3rd prize: GHAC Tshirt and Cap


   * Only one entry per member is allowed.
   * All submissions must be uploaded to the "GHAC Mascot Competition" Album at
   * All mascots should have a name as the caption for the image uploaded.
   * Original Idea should be yours.  you can have someone design it for you.
   * GHAC  Committee will select the winners and declare the official mascot.
   * GHAC Club becomes owner of selected official mascot with all due credits given to the maker.

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