Sunday, September 30, 2012

Making Real Leaders

Are you looking for more effective ways to learn the dynamics of
leadership and team-building. Do you want to experience leadership
beyond the textbooks, power-points and discover the type of leader you
are or want to be. Look no further then experiencing outdoor
leadership where rapid decision making, Instant feedback, and time to
reflect is what makes the learning's second to none.

Planning, leading, surviving and making decisions in wilderness
conditions prepares one for day to day challenges of life. Learning's
in the outdoors helps one internalize and personalize the experience
and take the them back to their personal and professional fronts. This
is the most effective way to develop leaders.

Wilderness scenarios are laden with obstacles, crisis and at times
conflict. These moments demand efficient decision-making skills to
keep the team from falling into the chasm of chaos and disaster.
Wilderness experiences are a catalyst for developing rapid
decision-making skills because the outdoor environment is out of
control and constantly offers problems to solve.

Many of the lessons I have learned about Leadership and
decision-making were learned in the untamed environment of the
wilderness Outdoors. I invite you to come and experience a 2 days
practical Outdoor Leadership workshop along with learning of many
outdoor skills that will change your perspective on leadership

Attend the Outdoor Leadership Workshop on 06- 07 Oct 2012

Colleges and Corporates can also get in touch with us us to conduct a
separate session on outdoor leadership for their teams.


Diyanat Ali
Founder | GHAC

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