Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Announcement - Outlife

Dear Friends

This is an announcement of what is a major career move for me and
hopefully for many others. I am launching Outlife, a new startup
venture in which will straddle Outbound Training; Adventure based
Experiential Learning's and Leadership Development into practice into
the corporate environment.

For the last 12 years, I have been in the Telecom Industry doing what
was a predictable job. More recently, since 4 years having founded
GHAC, I have been nurturing it and has today become the most active
adventure club in India. Along the way, I have had quite a few
learning's, discoveries and insights into how Leadership and Team
Dynamics work together. It also taught me about what it takes to lead
a large and very active volunteer based adventure club.
In the course of this journey, I could share my dream and passion with
so many others with GHAC and also bring many like minded people
together under the Adventure Umbrella. Today, GHAC is probably the
best thing that has happened to Hyderabad, ever. It has definitely
made the life interesting and Hyderabad, a happening Place.

Outlife, the new venture which I am launching will seek to cater to
Corporate Outbound and Training programmes and high value adventure
events, which is not possible under a volunteer organisation as GHAC.
With the profits earned from this new venture, we will be able to fund
the purchase of equipment and cover the operational costs of GHAC.
This cross subsidization will make it possible for GHAC members to do
our regular activities at an affordable cost. GHAC will continue as a
community nonprofit adventure club and has a long way to go to bring
Hyderabad on the Adventure Map of the world. I would continue to coach
and mentor the GHAC leadership team towards achieving the vision and
mission of GHAC.

With the launch of Outlife, I have decided to take a full plunge into
the unknown. With the economy not doing well, I am quite aware of the
present rough times and it will not be easy for some time. I have
made a conscious choice to go through the rough path and I am quite
confident that I and my team will be very successful, in a relatively
short time.

Happy Adventuring


Diyanat Ali
Founder, GHAC


Unknown said...

All the best Diyanath! Allah Kamiyab kare :)

GHAC definitely changed my life for good.

Arun said...

Good luck Diya.. Rock on

Unknown said...

All the best sir.

Sha said...

gudluck sir Wishing you great success with your new role....

roses said...
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desi Traveler said...

All the best...