Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GHAC Glimpses of Nature

A Unique Nature Photo Exhibition in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is blessed with a lot of nature around it, it is one of the few cities in India that can boast of 100s of lakes big and small. From the huge Hussain Sagar that is now more used for recreation to the Gandipet  which is  home to many residents as well as migrant birds like Flamingos etc. In order to encourage a more closer interaction between nature and citizens of Hyderabad, we recently conducted a one of its kind exhibition where not just professional photographers but also common citizens who are concerned about nature submitted their pictures. 
There were some very unique things about the exhibition first of all it was not hosted in a art gallery, but in the office of GHAC which is surrounded by greenery. 

Pictures were exhibited in the office as well as on tree trunks, in the bushes, and it was a site to behold. You could see a picture of butterfly hanging on a  small branch with some real butterflies hovering on it. While looking at the pictures you could hear the sounds of sunbirds chirping from the canopy of the trees above. 

Well known photographer Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh inaugurated the exhibition and on last day Mr. Saurabh Chatterjee conducted a workshop on taking better pictures. We had more than 25 photographers from Hyderabad and surrounding areas participating in the exhibition that was well attended by people from the twin cities. 

A Kingfisher (pic by Bobz Chowdhary)
The best part of the exhibition is that it was totally conceptualized and executed by GHAC volunteers who helped at every stage of the exhibition.  Indeed GHAC volunteers are the strength of GHAC and we must be the largest volunteer based adventure club anywhere in India. Although originally the plan was to keep the exhibition for three days, but considering the good response received we have extended the exhibition for another week so that more people can come and enjoy the pictures exhibited.  You will find pictures of  Tigers cubs birds like Ashy Prinia, Bulbul, butterflies, jewel bugs  etc in the exhibition.  Below are some of the pictures from the exhibition.
Pictures exhibited in Garden
Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh Checking Pictures
A Macro Shot from Exhibition

Wonderful  GHAC Volunteers
The Bugs in the Garden

The exhibition has a Facebook page that can be checked here. We hope to continue to conduct more such exhibition and activities that will bring people closer to nature, and encourage them to work towards protecting all aspects of nature from lakes to wild animals.

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