Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Araku Valley Trek

Had a great time at Araku Valley, except for the time lost at the tribal checkpost's and waiting for other members to get ready the next day

The night trek was great and competition added to the fun and tested our limits, I wanted to be up the hill to see who comes first and i took straight steep path up and boy let me tell u I was almost out of breath reaching up the hill, I am sure those who called it just a mold would think twice before they say it again

I thank you all for you cooperation all along in spite of the glitches, each of you was a great team member, I thank Rajan and other team members who helped me in organizing without which it would not be possible to manage everything. Thanks to Javed for the cellone mobile he carried which came very handy

Taking a Bus was a good decision, we were together all the time and had lots of fun, Borra Caves was amazing, nature at its best

The full vodka bottle effect after doing the seesaw turns at Tyda restaurant was amazing thinking of which i still have some of the nausea feeling left in me, cheprai waterfall was almost dry but the surrounding hills were great, they tested our limits in the hot sun, I wish we could have done more trekking

There was lot of learning from this trek for me as a organizer and the foremost will be utilizing time to the fullest on the next trips.

I request all the participants send your feedback including bats and bricks and how we can improve the group, please spread the word across and invite like minded people to join and participate.

Thanks to Rajesh from Vizag Tourism and Travels for arranging the Bus and accommodation in a very professional and cost effective manner

The Araku trek photos are uploaded at

Some of the members have also shared their photos online

Nandu's Cam

Shishir's Cam

Mario's Cam

Thanks & Regards

Diyanat Ali


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