Monday, April 27, 2009

khoe imam zamin dargah ammuguda

Near Ammuguda railway station is a beautiful Hill with a dargah, known as Khoe Imam Zamin, it has steep steps, The hill is surrounded by water on one side, the steps are just 250 in number top of the hill the whole bolaram, sainikpuri and tirmulgherry is visible

On the other side of the hill is a small mandir, good to see both a mandir and a dargarh co exist on thw same rock hill

The Dargah on the Hill is dedicated to Imam Reza

On 23rd April 2009 We trekked at this hill for 3 hours climbing the steps, it was a bit hot due to summer but a good place away from the city traffic and dwellings, the surroundings are nice with small rocks and shrubs, this place will be even better in Monsoon and winter

It has a steep cement road for vehicles, that can be used for practice running up and down

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