Monday, April 20, 2009

Moulali Hill

Preparation for the Everest Base camp trek at Maulali Hill

We are frequenting to Maulali to climb the steps as that's the only nearest hill in Hyderabad that can help us prepare us for the Everest Base Camp Climb, We plan to get used to climbing by climbing the maulali steps multiple times up and down with heavy backpacks, we started with 3 rounds, and are now at 6 rounds carrying 10-15 kgs back packs, target is a full day climb up and down about 20 times before we start on the Nepal Journey

We had been training for over 2 months for 3 hours daily, but this steps climbing with backpacks is the ultimate thing that can prepare a trekker for the EBC climb, although fitness doesn't guarantee that the trekker can reach the Base camp, but it puts less of a dent in the hike speed.

High Altitude and cold is altogeter different thing which only aclimitasation, proper clothing and slow ascent will help and the effects are different for everyone, even fit people get sick up there, but me and my team are all set to go the Base camp, no matter what it takes and proper planning, prepration and fitness goes a long way to achive it

Some info on Maulali hill
The Moula Ali Dargah is 25 Kms from Nampally and was built on the site of a miracle According to the story, a Muslim princess experienced a recurring dream in which she saw Ali’s handprint on the side of a mountain, After years of searching for the handprint, she finally came to the area north of Hyderabad, inquired among locals about their knowledge of such a handprint, and found the image on a rock atop the hill where the dargah was later built.

Another miracle goes that a Moghal general with his army assembled at the moula ali plains to attack Hyderabad, the then Qutub shahi ruler of Hyderabad prayed on this shrine followed by which the next night thousands of lights appeard on the mountain hill, fearing a large army comming to attack the general fled with his soldiers.

Moula(Master) Ali, in case you don’t know, is the son in law and cousin of Prophet Mohammad. there is wikipedia article for those who hear Ali Ali all the time in the songs and want to know more about Maula Ali can visit this wikipedia article

BTW, this dargah is one of the 11 heritage sites identified by “Heritage conservation committee” of HUDA. To make life easy for the visitors there is a long staircase to climb up the hill to reach Dargah.

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