Monday, December 24, 2012

HCC - A Great Success.

Hyderabad Climbing Championship held on 23rd Dec at Shamirpet was a huge success with very good feedback received both from the climbers and the officials. I congratulate Ranga Vutukuru, Co-Organiser, GHAC for taking  the lead in hosting the competition and all the efforts put in to successfully conduct it. I thank all the Team Leads and the volunteers of GHAC for owning up their allotted tasks and completing them to perfection. I thank all the officials of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for  providing the necessary support and encouragenment.

At the competition I had met the best of climbers and the IMF officials and the result is renewed vigor, energy and a clear sense of direction on how to proceed further.

Despite the various efforts from many quarters, Climbing is still in a very nascent stage in Hyderabad and this years competition has opened many opportunities and avenues for climbers in Hyderabad and is a result of the persistent effort and hard-work put in by Ranga and other climbers to promote the sport since past few years.

Hyderabad has the best granite boulders and I can envision the city to soon turn out as climbing destination of preference apart from Hampi and Badami. To achieve this we need more local climbing infra support and local climbers practicing and taking part in various local and national climbing competitions all round the year.

GHAC Hyderabad Climbers at is dedicated to the cause of promoting the culture of climbing and creating climbers to achieve a vision of making Hyderabad a climbing destination for everyone.

So get started and get climbing


Diyanat Ali
Founder, GHAC.

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