Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chimney Caving and Zig Zag Passages at ZTS Grounds

Practicing for Chimney and Caving in Zig Zag Passages at ZTS Grounds

Caving and chimney requires special skills and agility

  • You need to be highly flexible
  • Not afraid of dark
  • Not scared of insects
  • Willing to crawl in little space
  • Great team work is needed to coordinate movement in small spaces
One of our groups practiced Caving and Chimney at ZTS grounds recently. They had a lot of fun and went through some pretty steep, and narrow paths. Check the pictures below:

Climbing Narrow Spaces in Rocks

Resting Between Rocks

Rocks and Rock Climbers

The View From Top

Most of Hyderabad area from the top was visible with the waters of a lake nearby shining like a jewel in distance.

Do check  GHAC  meetup site for future events. 

These city based events help you prepare for the longer treks in nature. Remember practice makes a man or woman perfect. 

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