Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Treks To Outstation Locations

Traveling and Trekking to Far off Locations 

With the onset of Monsoons we will start planning a lot more outstation treks to places where one needs to travel overnight to reach the starting point.

But outstation travel brings a few of its own challenges. As most of the outstation treks specially to far off places like Maharashtra, Kerala, and Coastal Karnataka requires overnight travel, every body prefers to travel by train. But getting tickets on train is  not easy and a lot of members respond only at last minute. This leads to non availability of tickets in train.

Once the train tickets are not available the organizers try to book the buses, now here also the earlier we book the more economical the tickets we can buy, as at last minute the tickets are either not available or one needs to book the most costly tour operator as the normal seats are all gone. This leads to increase in the cost. Some time people will respond at the last minute, when the tickets for others have already been booked in train, so they try to book tickets in tatkal for the train. But it is sometimes very tough to  get confirmed tickets in taktal. So the best option for a smooth journey is to make the payment as well as your confirmation the very first day the RSVP for an outstation trek opens.

This will have many advantages
  • The biggest advantage is the organizers will be able to keep the cost of the trek low, as the train is the cheapest option to travel
  • You will arrive at the starting point of trek, fresh as train travel is very comfortable compared to bus or self driving long distance
  • This will help the organizer to know how many people are coming well in advance and negotiate better rates with hotel etc. at the trek location if stay in hotel or dormitory is needed.
  • An early booking will ensure that all seats are together in same coach leading to more fun in the journey as people can talk, play antrakshi etc.
So in everybody's interest it is a good idea to RSVP as well as make payment the day an outstation trek opens on Ghac meetup site. Also please add the email address of Meetup in your mail box as this will prevent it from going to your spam box.

We would love to hear your inputs on GHAC treks and this blog. Please use this link on GHAC feedback link to give your feedback confidentially.

Happy Trekking and Safe Travels  :)

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