Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Help Uttarakhand

We are all aware of the massive tragedy that has happened in the hill states of Uttarakhand and Himachal in North India. The floods have devastated whole villages, towns and washed away roads, bridges and all infrastructure is in mayhem. With thousands of pilgrims and locals still being evacuated by our armed forces it is a tragedy for all humanity. While we sure needs to do introspection on our policies towards tourism and construction of dams etc.  in hills, and analyze what caused the floods in Uttarakhand and understand that we are all in some way responsible not only for the floods but also for providing help to the pilgrims and locals alive.

At this stage it is more important to get together and help in every possible way to the people stranded and help their friends and families to help find them.

So the first thing we can do is spread information about the relief efforts and refrain from spreading or paying heed to any rumors.

Given below are some useful numbers that you can share on your social networks for people to use them:

Here are helpline nos for relief efforts for Uttarakhand floods
Flood helpline numbers : 0135-2710334 , 0135-2710335 , 0135-2710233.
Nainital & around: 05946-250138.
Uttarkashi: 01374-226126, 226161
Chamoli: 01372-251437
Tehri: 01376-233433
Rudraprayag: 01732-1077
ITBP helpline and control room, Uttrakhand: 011-24362892 and 9968383478
Uttarakhand govt helpline: 0135-2716201, 2710925
Besides spreading information about the help line numbers here is a searchable database that is about the people who were found/rescued by various agencies

But search is only one part of the equation. The economy and the people of Uttarakhand have suffered heavy losses and need to be built again. You can provide help in both monetary and non-monetary ways to help the people.

Goonj is one such organization that is making efforts to collect materials and money to help the people in Uttarakhand.

You can contribute Clothes, medicine, food, utensils and also money so that it reaches the people who need it today. This is the link of Goonj website to take some action and help in a way only you can.

You can also contribute to the Prime Minister  National Relief fund or to any other organization that you trust and feel will help the people in Uttarakhand.

The important thing is that we all need to contribute in whatever form to help our friends in Uttarakhand.

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