Monday, June 10, 2013

Cleanup Activity At Khajaguda Hyderabad by GHAC Volunteers

Celebrating World Environment Day- The GHAC Way

5th June is world environment day, world over people try to do some thing or other for mother earth. A lot of these activities are not sustained and end up more as media hype or photo opportunities. Not with GHAC, on this world environment day a group of GHAC volunteers visited the hilly area of Khajaguda in Hyderabad and decided to take things in their own hands.

Khajaguda is close to the Hitech city in Hyderabad and  popular among active Hyderabadis for hiking and rock climbing activities. Unfortunately the area is also very littered with plastic bags, bottles and other non biodegradable items.

So this environment day GHAC volunteers aggregated in large numbers at Khajaguda to clean the area. 
They came armed with gloves, bags to collect garbage and of-course with cameras to click pictures and  spread the message. 

Both Young and Old GHAC Volunteers Came to clean Khajaguda

Garbage Collected From Khajaguda

Cleaning Khajaguda 

Breakfast after cleaning Khajaguda

The volunteers collected many bags of plastic bottles, polythene, chocolate wrappers, chips packs etc. Every body was very hungry after the activity and stopped by for some yummy breakfast close by.

GHAC regularly conducts cleanup drives in and around Hyderabad to make our city better. Click here to know more about GHAC and its activities.

About Author: Prasad Np is a GHAC volunteer and heads GHAC Nature, he writes family travel blog from India-desi Traveler

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