Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Increase in GHAC Fee and Addition of Service Tax

As you are aware GHAC charges a nominal 10% Fee for all its events.
This amount goes to pay for salaries of the support staff, rent for
GHAC office, repair and renewal of equipment, purchase of equipment
and other administrative expenses. Over the last two years, the cost
of everything has gone up and we were still charging 10% only. As a
result, we have not been able to buy new equipment or replace our worn
out equipment. We have instead taken loans from senior organizers to
buy and repair equipment. At best, this is a short term measure and we
cannot continue like this.

The GHAC Committee in the meetings held on 12 June and subsequently on
19th June has decided that the GHAC margin will be hiked to 15 % on
all events that will be put up from 1st July 2013. There will be no
change in events that have already been announced and posted.

We also want to communicate that as a registered adventure club we are
now in the service tax bracket. Going forward, all meetups will have a
3.09 % service tax on the total trek amount, per head. This amount
will be paid to
the Department of Customs and Central Excise, Govt of India and will
contribute to the nations growth.

There will be no increase in cost for local events and they will
continue to be Rs 50 inclusive of service tax.

We are committed to promote adventure and will continue to strive to
provide better events and rich experience for all our members.

For questions please reach us on or call on 040-23350008


Diyanat Ali
Founder and Director
Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

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Nice post. I found your blog while searching for information on service tax. Thanks for sharing.