Saturday, October 10, 2009

KBR Park Walking. Another post for GHAC blog.

This short write-up, on KBR walks, is sent by Mr. Ranjan Sood.

Thank you for the write-up, Mr. Ranjan.

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So, an active member of GHAC, Mr. Ranjan Sood on KBR walks.

The best ever gift politicians could give hyderabad is the lung of pure and refreshing feeling called kbr park. i am sure the outer ring 6km in length is like a simulator for, we, trek enthusiasts, for preparing ourselves mentally and physically for an out door trek. Thanks to the call made by the organizers most of us living near or far willfully started to come and enjoy a good walk and friends alike.

The ultimate goal of a trekker is to walk , that's what we did all these days thanks to the motivation of the little bubbly power house jaiee and her mother our trip organizer vibha and ali. They were always there on time to receive and coordinate with the always growing list of GHAC members joining the evening walk.

Most of us who walked regularly are better prepared for the trek . Hope the evening walks become a regular practice for most of those who enjoyed it and even for those who missed it and shall not in future. Lets all show our strength in numbers and practice walking regularly and strengthen our physical endurance for our own good and for the good of our dear club GHAC.

Lets make this a daily meet up and fall in line with our slogan " hyderabad " chalte kya adventure?

About The KBR Park Walk:
The walks are organized by Dr. A.V.S Prasad (Morning), Vibha, Ranjan Sood and Ali Rizvi., on a daily basis, EXCEPT sundays. Any GHAC member can attend these walks. There are two sessions. Any change in walk timings or cancellation will be intimated prior.

Morning session: 6 AM - 7 AM
Meeting point: Main Gate KBR park Ticket Counter
Reporting time: 5:55 AM to 6:05 AM - Monday to Saturday only
Walk: inside the park
Cost: Rs 10 per day, monthly/yearly passes available at ticket counter

Evening Session: 7 PM - 8 PM
Meeting point: Main Gate KBR park
Reporting time: 6:55 PM to 7:05 PM - Monday to Saturday
Walk: outer circle of the park
Cost: free

Same information here as well:

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