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Tirupathi Arimanu Bandalu Trek. Second Blog Entry.

This write-up, on Tirupathi Arimanu Bandalu Trek, is written by Chaya Naidu.

Thank you for the write-up, Chaya.

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So, GHAC adventurer Chaya, on Tirupathi Arimanu Bandalu Trek? Read on.






Nine thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine…..!!??!!

Gosh!! Frowned on myself.., am I fine……!!?

That I count the stars in the day,

And laugh for the unexpected in a way.

25 exuberant Enthusiasts from various walks of life have waved off to hyd, for a kick-ass journey to the much awaited trip to Tirupathi. Except for few repeaters, most of them were new; we exchanged greetings, and in few seconds got acquainted with each other, a very refreshing start for the trip. Some feelings were new, some wishes were born, some eyes filled with enthu, some were na├»ve, some were vibrant, some were terrific and so with so many mixed emotions we began our journey. Is it a magic wand of a fellow unknown trekker or the natures enigma encrusted on our way, it’s a mystery that we all had completed the trek without heavy downpour and hurdles in the return journey. More twists as u you go……

Announcement – Housefull:

Now folks!!! Here comes the "limited akshaya paatra", ahhaaa. What am i referring to? The right side "part" of the website ---- RSVP-ing is thoroughly a "ticket counter" as you see for a newly released movie!!! Movie buffs crazy corner (for tickets). Imagine guys, you are right in front of the system -- site open -- spots available --- waaoow, now blink your eyes, get lazy, do some whispers and stuff. In just minutes the spots were filled up. Yes fellas, it happened. The same with this trek, all the spots filled up soon. Hmm this "wiinnnggggg" is always HOUSEFULL, 365 days, yearlong. Oh dude, man, bro, mamu or whatever, wish I could do something for this wing hehehe. I had first voted for Masinagudi, later skipped it for this trek, as Arimanu Bandalu sounded good!! Actually this trek has been a lifetime memory for me as it was the first ever "trek" in my life, but it took soooo long that accidentally I happened to go to chennai and went for a trek there.

Preparation/Walking & KBR Park:

For first timers, without any walking or preparation, it’s gonna be tough time for sure others will have to face the breathing trouble, as I had. Walking for an hour in an up and down the terrain fills the gap and hence the place chosen by Vibha for the preparation in KBR is nevertheless perfect and a boost for all, though if and only if its near. It’s far for me. By following organizers’ instructions, one can really enjoy the trip. Firstly, Walking and secondly, wear old used shoes. For my first trek, I regretted wearing my new shoes. With every step, my feet ached a lot. Third, is restricting your bag size -- to lightweight. So first timers got to follow instructions and beware.

The Journey – The Moving Train:

Platform number 3, Couch number S12 was all abuzz only with us, as ours happened to be the biggest group there. Clock struck 8pm. The train’s time was at 8pm, still I see everyone happily talking in the platform. Cant help it as our trains are reliable enough! The next four hours were blessed for complete fun Uninterrupted. After settling down, we chilled up with dumb charades game with giggling, rib-tickling comedy, tiny acts for winning and not to forget for the pangs of guffaws -- yep the most loudest laughs…wowwee. Ever would have anyone dreamt of such lengthy laughing compartment in the train with guffaws hitting the train rooftop!!! Imaginations of the guys soared soo high, reaching its peak, to give a 'bingo' guess -- as if it’s a doa(dead or alive) series. Animesh was the guy, best fit for any guess. Jaee too enacted well. So far so good, the journey to reach was a KICK-ASS BLAST.

British Bungalow – The Trek Starts:

It was morning, reached Tirupathi watching the distant hills covered with fog and dew, passing thru many fields, sipping train-bed tea , half refreshed. We were received by Mr.Balu there and from there in a minibus, we went to the British Bunglow. Its said to be the oldest building there, constructed way back in 1920's as a tiny hill resort for Britishers. Must say, after seeing the location, they did have a penchant for the coolest places on our land. Now fully refreshed, after breakfast, it’s the time to start trekking. It kickstarted with some pics. Funnily at start we remained group, and slowly split to one, two, three as many as groups on the way. Unmindfully regrouping and breaking went on and on. Its just begun and I could see the Spark, the Glitter in everyone's eyes which reverberated in tandem to the valleys gentle silence.. filled up with tiny bushes along our trial. Everyone started emptying water bottles like a tusker from its trunk.

Day 1 – Discovering Waterfalls:

Curiosity bound, we enquired for places up to see, pat came the answer, the waterfalls, which was some 300mtr trek. Good. Our pathway soon shaped up to be a scenic grandiose, initially with a motor way like path leading to a very tiny route inside to the dense thick jungle where the Sun could hardly shine. The group pioneered by little cutie jaee went on crossing, rocks, shrubs, thorny bushes, trees, merrily taking breaks on and off listening to naughtiest crackles by the most dreaded our very own yakku joker.(kindly lead all ur pointers to the same guy pl) It was around 1pm when all were stepping up a hill, half way done & the view was explicably spell bound. Farthest visible railway track, the huge cedars, circled valley, cool breeze, rocks in hues - its all here. It was as if we were cascading into many different worlds driven by iota of passion only to see this fury of nature. Then we reached rocky terrain where the rocks seemed handcrafted in formations. As if for ages, their stint of existence impressed all. Its was around 3pm now and all hungry stopped for break. Curd rice was equally divided, spiced up with kranthi's pickles, sudhansu's peanuts sitting around tiny water pools. Jaee/raza went busy with ball, n others wid pics. From here team had to move further to our campsite and we still were searching for waterfall. Alas, we reached our campsite by 4pm and our discovery of a waterfall went on to be a damp squib due to scanty rains. Still had a gala time in the nearby pool , esp guys frenzied on pulling over others actual required garments stuck inside waters. O God behold us!!!!! mighty women.

Night Halt – Bonfire – Animalzzz:

The magical magnanimity of the darkness has arrived bringing along little stories strewn to its vast wings. My wildest of dreams too hadn't cover this night yet. Yesz, a night to be spent deep inside the jungle, between a tent/bonfire, to the side of a stream in its own lilting music of splashing waters, gaze stars underneath cloudy skies shoving off time n again making pathway for stars to be seen, sleep amongst the jungle noises as soothing as lullabies was euphoric. Ohh Man this is not less than a poets paradise. Longing enough, ever dreamt, provoked thoughts for it, and yes the day did come. Once silent, the resonant eccentric forest noises are music. Some slept inside tent and some outside, around the bonfire. Ali had made us do an Introduction part which was simply out of the world experience and yeaaa summing up, aamir's and padmaja's thundering blues from the glorious past made a perfect combo to the environs. They both just went on and on singing a song full. Woweee.!!! A thumping feel. Harnessed together in front of the fire, listening to them until midnight was something too unique, irreplaceable. Ohh.What a pity who missed n sleepin inside the tent! Some even came out from tent to our noise but jubilantly joined us singing those in tunes of seeking alms as beggars. Ahh that was a shocking reaction. Ultimate thrills. And know what, meanwhile, suddenly somebody spotted wild beasts it seems, in the torchlights, the shining eyes flashed but at a distance. That was really goosebump ride. Well around 4am, while some guarded us, we dozed off to sleep. The laughter freak was when Ali sir, n others in the morning gave feedback of the nite n songs.hahahaha the feathers in the caps. Come wht may, shivanksha had slept full.

Day 2 – Caves – Swimming:

The following morning opened up with much zeal and gusto among members. After relishing our breakfast which was cooked in the firewood of jungle, which tasted like heaven, we were set for the trek to ancient Caves deep inside the jungle. A discount here for our backpacks that we did not have to carry them all along till the Caves structures. This made our trek more pleasurable than with a rucksack of more than 5plus kgs. How wonderful. Passing through the rock formations, holding shrubs was amazing to the core. Meanwhile we collected water from the streams for drinking, which was undeniably chilled and good. Adding Glucose on breaks in the water really saved everyone from dehydration. And many had brought energy bars and other supplements for energy which kept us on move. So moving helter skelter, we reached the Cave. The hillock is all in its mighty pink armour. We had to step into the middle of it to check inside the cave. Ali had warned not to go inside cave, as the attack bats might attack us.

That was nice. Well whatever on white n black, they are the ones who feel more responsible and caring enough. The Cave mountain was in its impeccable glow rich in its own shape. Everyone from nandhu, jaga, vibha, ganesh, aamir had all taken nice snaps here. After this, we returned to our campsite, had quick sumptuous lunch, then we headed with our backpacks for further trekking. Its was nearing 4pm, and we crossed many a good boulders. At last, we reached the waterfall and the much required pool. Within minutes, all gathered in the pool with their best bathing attires. We cooled off like thirsty mongers for water. Ahh, man after a long trek, chilling water had really refreshed us to the hilt. Some swam topsyturvy, some played ball game. Two hours of water frenzy still felt had fallen less. All game for swimmers, anywayz. The weirdest of all was ofcourse VIBHA who stopped the waterfall by

climbing up and sashaying on those flowing waters. Sudden change and everyones brows raised then the laughter followed. :Yoooman such a twist and a cry heard, for tea n banana pakodas made the moments more livelier.

Moonlit Night – Animals on the Move:

By the side of the waterfalls, on a rock bed terrain, our tent was fitted. It was getting dark. In few seconds it would be completely dark, and here comes our teams’ Grand Master Mr Ranjan, who made all our wicked gang stung to him with his chutkules, gags, tales of raunchy tidbits!!!! Slowly the moonlit milieu hugged the darkness and all eyes, plus that of bespectacled too, turned to witness the moon emerging out from the hills. Ho!boy!eyes fall short to behold the grandeur, it’s a sight to watch for dude!!! Bound to take the nectar of life in this way, that’s lucky. For a while it was like a dream song in the background. The calm going in a lot - animesh, srimanta, gauhar, glued to it unruffled. Now whose heart wudnt rave about these earthly moments of treasure trove, whose minds wudnt have made a spark to moods, yet to know..haha.

Dinner time fast approached when females stuck to sum girlie talks, fellas wid gags, n others chatting wid ali sir. Finished yet another lavish platter of meal and all gatherd for chat. The group was split, the once tranquil forest was now abuzzz with our noise and somebody now noticed again some animals at a considerable distance. Some anxious bunch got curious to watch, some switched on their torches, keenly observing the movements. Ahh!!! Gosh, spotted one eyes splashing like Orbit white Ad of tv. Oops. What if they wud come near, fear! Shudder ! Quivers --- to some! Five to six were glued like a bunch of fanatic cricket fans glued to tv on hyd roads. Ooooo. Well yelled good night last for this pristine glory of the forest, loaded with memoirs in our rucksacks for the next morning for return trip.

Photosessions – Ghandhiji ki Dhoti:

Just rendering the "unknown mind speak" of some fellas of our group like -- naren, jaga, moulik, ram, ganesh, aamir, ksree, related to taking pics. Here-mixed lingo..

Jaga: nalla irkiya, romba spot -- onnu snap fast.,

Naren: abbe ruk ruk goggle to lagane de, mera image ka kabada banayga.,

Moulik: wait a bit , chal yahan se le , le diya phoz , lagraha hun na dude abhi , chal nikal,

Ram: I face north, u face south, then that’s a gud shot..,

Ganesh: arre mamu main ich lerun tera, mera teri gf legi kya., mera to khinch le do char.,

Aamir: abhi ek sec mein pani mein bheektaun phir le.,

Ksree: no noise, only clicks.

Again Naren: yaar bas ekkkk kona aur bachgaya waha pe jaatun.,Haaaahaha.

Dear all this was the photography session kirkiri for you. Hmm though with the group these fellas made a point not to miss any scenic corner for a snap. Their batteries mite stop charging but they didn’t!!!. Most obsessive shot was -- at the time of the dusk, on a rock, five guys were ready for shot and as effervescent lively mr.ranjan and gang asked to remove the shirts and give a pose. And truly smitten by the cries of us, they did!!!!, they did thrust open their shirt for the bare bodeeeez hahaha. That was a tru sporty luk. Ready with the backpacks for return journey, group had a read out passage on " gandhiji ki dhoti " sounded wildly abnormal.


Hot seat is a game zeroed in on a person shooting "any" questions, which can be actually called ragging to bits. Questions may be asked immaterial of whether its personal or professional. And its in shooting the questions, lies the fun. Woww. All did their die hard bit to pull each others strings yeaaa !!!!!!! , and the best two questions bang came from abhimanyu, and of course our very sweet mamiko…!! Oooo… yess. Oh welll the girls were spared here, for some were sleeping and some missed the game. Else definitely pointers would have been raised to disclose the most absolute geek of the trip or the most handsome guy on the trip hahahaha……This was the fun in the night zone and yeah concluded here heaving a sigh of relief -- for a weekend spent substantially well , taking sweet memoirs back home to treasure.

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