Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photo Sharing Session at 10DS.

An afternoon spent with friends, families and trekkers, primarily, everyone was a trekker. Remember! it's the trekkers' photo sharing session. A nice venue opted for an event - 1o Downing Street, shortly called 10DS.

The thought behind holding the session was to reminisce the Tirupathi Bandalu Trek. The session included watching the images captured by various trekkers and relive the experience of being there. Again! The enthusiasm was evident. The funny moments captured gave everyone their share of laughter. The images acted like a window to the past experience. It helped trekkers remember the events leading up to the photo capture. The ideas were embedded in the photos, so was the fun which they had. I thought it best to join others and watch the slide show over a drink. The slide show was like a marathon with images from almost every camera running at its pace for display. I, personally, got to learn a little bit in the way to capture a good image. Few did inspire me.

The event also had a surprise, which ....err..was a surprise to many! The surprise was the 'prizes ceremony'. The prizes were sponsored by Mr. Ranjan Sood, a very enthusiastic trekker and very-kind-at-heart man. He has been an inspirational figure for many in GHAC and adds to the enthusiasm in the group. Not to forget, adds to the humor as well. It's very gracious of him to sponsor the prizes.

Well, now to the categories and prize winners of this surprise event.

This trek has youngsters. When i said youngsters, i meant kids, who participated in the trek and left the elderly surprised with the energy they displayed during the course of the travel. At 10DS, the only thing i saw them doing was run around and give their parents a moment to frown! However, kids forget everything that's around them when they are told - "You just won a prize!" The same here, they forgot the running and collected their prize.
The youngest trekker awardees were - Jaee and Naik and Raza Razvi.

There were 3 more awards that were given away;
The oldest trekker award was given to Dr.Sushma Patange.
The most helpful trekker was given to Nandakishore Upadhay a.k.a Sab ka Bandhu.
and The most entertaining trekker award given to Narendra Vadlamudi a.k.a Filmy.

Furthermore, an icing on the cake. There was an actual cake! Tiny tot Zainab celebrated her birthday by cutting the chocolate cake.

All in all, a good sunday afternoon spent amidst people who loved their travel and shared their experience and images with fellow trekkers and never missed a chance of humor.

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