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Masinagudi - Call of the Wild - 2

This write-up, on Masinagudi trek, is written by Jagan GVS.

Thank you for the article, Jagan.

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So, what does, GHAC adventurer Jagan, has to say on Masinagudi Trek? Read on.

Ooty treks have been a wonderful experience. I have not encountered such climatic odds and yet such determination and resilience despite the remarkable diversity in the age and fitness profiles. I found much inspiration in the un-relenting efforts of Mr. Nagesh and Master Kunaal who kept stride with the group and smiled past the arduous terrains.

Ownership and responsibility of a group lie with each individual and not just the organizers; this sentiment was well reflected in Diyanat's idea of arranging the group into three teams. Equally gratifying was Mr. Suresh and Ms Padmini's hospitality and their subsequent help and wishes during the Ooty trek which followed.

Day 0

We reached Masinagudi a little late due to the floods which caused much havoc and misery off late. Although, our thoughts were occupied for the safety of the loved ones and the people who were affected by the floods everybody soon got down adjusting themselves to the situation and marched down to the banks of rivulet which flowed less than half a kilometer from the Whispering Windows. After the tour of the rivulet we visited a lush patch of the jungle nearby with a small stream when a mild torrent chanced upon us and added just the missing element in the fun. Dinner, camp fire and conversation soon slipped everyone into the dreamy depths of drowsiness unknown to the rabid existence of the cities.

Day 1

Seemed like a lost battle with the rain gods pouring their hearts out. Just when I thought the day was going to be a cottage bound, card playing and lazing, Diyanat and Suresh managed to move the guides into action and bring the group onto a flank attack in the marshy terrain with a bleak overcast. However, this was soon dispelled when we reached a check-dam where we could see tracks made in the water by a large mammal. With the day getting sunnier we were soon favored by a couple of herds of spotted deer, bear (few of us saw them) and many picturesque landscapes. Towards the afternoon we started on an ambitious steep descent into a river valley. Despite our best efforts we could not reach the bottom of the valley due to continual drizzle, slippery marshy soil and equally wet rock faces. Returning to the cottage we warmly received with tea and hot pakoda soon to be followed by camp fire and enjoyable conversation.

Day 2

Before the tide of excitement of the first day ebbed on the group, we left the lush banks of Masinagudi for the panoramic heights of Ooty. First to a pine forest en-route Pykara falls and then to the falls itself, we sighted a herd of spotted deer crossing the road. Pykara falls was the parting time – one group left for Mysore and another comprising Devyani, Diyanat, Nilesh, Vineet and myself to Ooty for a trek. The parting shots brought the curtains down on the trek which in no respect was less than an adventure.

Reaching Ooty we met Mr. Suresh again who guided us find a fine place (Hotel Durga). The botanical gardens were a floral extravaganza and added an aesthetic dimension to the extended trek.

Day 3

The following morning we visited Mr. Suresh and Ms. Padmini’s place (who run a school also) for tea. We trekked to the Thondabetta peak and visited Doddabetta (highest peak in South India) and saw some fascinating landscapes, flora and fauna. Soon we were on our way to Bangalore ending an unlikely to be repeated collage of experiences.

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