Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kallem Village Excursion.

 Kallem Village Trek - Warangal District.

This write-up, more in the form of images, on Kallem Village Trek, is given by Upasana who is a smart girl of 10 years. Thank you for the article, Upasana.

So, GHAC adventurer Upasana, on Kallem Village Excursion.....

I am going to tell you how we spent, In a quiet little village, the last weekend.

Greeted us Aishu (the cow) and little Muffin, Her new-born calf with choco-velvet skin

Eagerly waiting for his journey to begin At the very first sight our hearts he did win

Uncle Ram, donned in cowboy hat His favourite horses he continued to pat

Nameless little flowers and bright gay birds, Their beauty is beyond any words

Though we did not see peacocks there Their vibrant feathers were strewn everywhere

We climbed the rocks through bushes : very spiny From the top of the hillock the lake looked shiny

Lazing on warm rocks looking up at the sky With winking little stars we played ‘I spy’

(By the time we got down …)The sun retired; but Oh! What a sight! Handmade dia’s made the place look bright


After dinner we took a leisurely stroll Spotting twinkling fireflies on patrol. By trial and error we put up the tent. A good night’s sleep we got as present

To think how quickly we all became friends My joy and wonder knows no ends.


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Diyanat Ali said...

Great job Upasana! I love your poem.